A digization project by the Harvard Law Library of the materials of the Nuremberg Trials. 
The Collection includes trial transcripts, briefs, document books, evidence files, and other papers.

The Nuremberg Trials Project currently provides access to the following materials for three United States Nuremberg Military Tribunals, NMT 1 (U.S.A. v. Karl Brandt et al.), NMT 2 (U.S.A. v. Erhard Milch), and NMT 4 (U.S.A. v. Pohl et al.):

A database of 5,842 descriptions of trial documents, enabling search by document title, author, defendant, evidence code number, exhibit number, date, transcript page number, and other fields.
32,511 pages, digitized in color, of all prosecution and defense trial documents and related evidence file documents.
The keyed text of the first seven days of court proceedings in the NMT 1 trial transcript (through December 13, 1946: approximately 500 pages).
An introduction to the project, the trials, the documents, and the transcripts.
Links between these various elements.

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