The Friedberg Genizah Project was initiated by Mr Albert D Friedberg of Toronto, Canada, who foresaw the fascinating possibilities of harnessing modern information technology in order to advance international research into the riches of the Cairo Genizah. The hundreds of thousands of Genizah fragments around the world include Bible texts and commentaries, rabbinic dictionaries, halakhic works, poetry, liturgical texts, philosophical and polemic treatises, commercial documents and letters. This sea of primary source material – written in Hebrew, Aramaic, Judeo-Arabic, Arabic, Judeo-Persian and Yiddish – dates from the 8th century until after the 15th century. The Genizah is a window on nearly 1000 years of Jewish and Middle Eastern history, scholarship and daily life. The FGP will open this window wider than ever before, launching a new era in Genizah scholarship.


The goals of the FGP include:
1. To produce a unified, on-line catalogue of all Cairo Genizah fragments
2. To transcribe as many of those fragments as practicable
3. To encourage Genizah scholarship

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