Library of Latin Texts is a full-text database of modern critical editions of Latin classical, patristic, and medieval Christian writers including the entire corpus of ancient Latin literature up to the second century A.D. The database also contains a significant amount of Neo-Latin Literature (after 1500) including decrees from modern ecumenical councils up to Vatican II and sixteenth century translations into Latin of important medieval works.   (RC)

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לימודים קלאסיים
היסטוריה כללית - העת העתיקה
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Ranging from 240 B.C. through Second Vatican Council (1962-1965)

The Library of Latin Texts (LLT) consists of two parts. LLT-A is the new name for the database previously known as the CLCLT, and while this database continues to expand, it is also complemented by the new LLT-B. While the texts in the LLT-A are the result of intensive research work by the CTLO, the material in the LLT-B is taken directly from existing editions. Both can be searched together using the Cross Database Searchtool (CDS).

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